Regarding Kasparov and “Socialism”

Gary Kasparov’s Misguided Critique of Bernie Sanders

What Bernie Sanders is proposing has just about nothing to do with Soviet style, completely centralized government. Bernie is not proposing nationalization of our heavy industry, he hasn’t put forward any five year plans. The only people talking about mass relocation of any people are the Republicans. He opposes the modern security state.

Bernie is saying that certain things concerning our health and liberty should not be run as “for profit” enterprises. Health care should not be for profit. he is simply saying that we should expand Medicare, a program we ALREADY have and is hugely popular and successful, to cover all ages, not just the elderly.

Higher education should be publicly funded, just as K-12 ALREADY is publicly funded. If you want to call free public education, socialism, than most Americans are Socialists. Stopping public education at high school graduation is totally arbitrary and it makes sense to change it.

The war on drugs coupled with a privatized prison industry has created a huge prison / industrial complex. We need to get back to publicly controlled prisons in which there is no built in profit motive to keep people incarcerated. Mass incarceration as a way to control our unsolved social issues should be unacceptable.

Bernie Sanders
Transparent Right wing propaganda meant to scare voters away from Bernie Sanders. Another Lenin? Not in this universe. Lenin had people like Bernie Sanders shot.

None of this is Soviet style “Socialism”. It is Social Democracy. Plenty of nice liberal, democratic countries ALREADY have systems like this and trying to say they are like the old Soviet Union is a false equivalency and is basically pure, and not convincing, propaganda.

Source: (12) George Ledyard