Trump and the Working Class

George S LedyardNote to Donald Trump’s Working Class Base:
On the subject of bringing jobs back to America. Working class voters, that core of Trump support, need to understand the following.
If a factory returns to the US, it will employ around a quarter of the folks it did when it left. Robotics will be doing the work you used to do.  It’s not those brown people you are so worried about that are taking your jobs. The jobs that will be available will require more education and training than what you have. These jobs are not likely to be yours.

Radically dismantling the Federal Government will actually destroy jobs. The government is just another huge employer from the standpoint of the economy. It’s like a company we all own and at the same time consume its product. Everywhere there is substantial Federal employment, it is an economic engine helping to drive the local economy.
So, when we decide we hate our government, and don’t wish to have the many programs which help our citizens any more (most of you don’t even know what the programs are or how they help you) all those workers… many tens of thousands will lost their jobs. Your community loses their tax support. Your businesses lose their patronage. Any community in which there are Federal employees will experience an economic downturn.

And then what happens? All those better educated workers, now unemployed. stream into the job market. Guess who will be better qualified to get those few manufacturing jobs that Trump will be bringing back? Yes, you guessed it, those former government workers with management and administrative experience and those degrees which, oh, you don’t have.
So, all of this will create a downward pressure on wages,  increased competition for the better paying jobs leaving all of you fighting for those jobs at the bottom which don’t pay enough to live in. And I’ll bet your GOP representatives have convinced you that the minimum wage is bad… just in time for you to not receive it. Nice job shooting yourselves in the foot.

But don’t worry, your future employers at whatever jobs you do manage to find will be unencumbered by government regulations that previously prevented them from totally screwing you, that mandated that they put some attention on worker safety, that they not create a toxic morass in the community in which you and your family live.

No, you will be happy to know that, while you are getting by on lower wages, and have far fewer rights as an employee, and are watching your kids get sick from the plant pollution from your workplace, your employers will be free to accumulate even more of the nations wealth than they previously had ( which was already at record levels). Thanks to you, our much revered tradition of putting the interests of the elites, before those of our workers will continue, not only unabated, but radically enhanced. Nice job.