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Progressives OK with Trump Rather than Clinton? I Don’t Believe It!

91.4% of Bernie’s Progressives Won’t Vote for Clinton

Read the  above article Рthis is my response

George S LedyardI think this is a totally bogus number. It might be accurate if you are talking about first time voters who only got involved because Bernie was running. But I know lots of Bernie supporters and we are all voting, somewhat reluctantly, for Clinton. What is the point in turning this election entirely into a Clinton vs Sanders election with absolutely no reference to Donald Trump? This anti-Clinton vitriol is irrational. It suggests the same kind of irrationality that the vicious anti-Obama folks exhibit. I have to say, I don’t get it. People are acting like it’s some kind of huge conspiracy that an “establishment” candidate has gotten the nomination. Establishment candidates almost always get the nomination, on both sides. Trump has only been able to pull it off because he was largely self financed at the beginning and was able to say all those offensive remarks without losing his financial base.

OK It won’t be this election in which we rapidly change the direction of the country. OK We will have to actually work to build the movement until it “becomes” the establishment. OK We were a bit disappointed that Obama couldn’t change things more (which might tell us something about how hard it is to do so). We need to understand that this is a long term effort. It needs to be pursued at the state and local level. It needs to be aggressively focused at the Congressional level.

Clinton is in no way shape or form the horrible disaster that some people are picturing. She is simply business as usual. Get over it. We’ll do even better next time. But with Clinton, we get to start our efforts at least at our current baseline, and I actually think she will move the ball forward in many ways. I question the rationality of any progressive who thinks that Clinton will not be better than Trump. On what planet our you living? There is absolutely no way that, based simply on the stated proposals of both candidates, it can’t be abundantly clear that Trump will not just oppose any progressive movement but will actually do his level best to take us backwards. His racial bigotry alone should be enough to decide you.

I simply cannot believe that this type of fanaticism, even when it is a fanatical belief in principles that I support, is representative of the new progressive movement. If I really thought that this is what progressiveness is about, I would have to disown it as a movement. Idealism when combined with fanaticism gives you the Cheka, the Gulag, the Cultural Revolution, Pol Pot. There should be no place for this type of fanatical behavior in our movement.

We need to build on our victories so far, which have been substantial. Find our next Bernie Sanders and groom them for the job just as Clinton has been groomed. If we really do represent the majority of the country, as we consistently maintain, then in our democracy, we should be able to make this happen.

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But in the mean time. we ABSOLUTELY have to keep Donald Trump out of the Presidency. This is a dangerous man. He is capable of anything he deems to be in his own self interest. I truly believe that this must be readily evident to my fellow progressives. I cannot believe that the kind of numbers that this article puts forth are anything other than a complete fiction, bordering on propaganda. If I thought that Donald Trump was this sophisticated, I would suspect that it was actually a piece of Trump developed dis-information because this type of attitude only benefits Trump, not the movement, not the Dems, not anyone else.

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