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The Resistance Needs Leadership – Now!

George S LedyardI think that our Democratic leadership has lost its way. They seem to be in shock. They act like they are not quite aware of just what a disaster they have presided over.
They need to understand what our expectations are. Yes, there were a couple of Trump’s picks that weren’t insane. Ok, have a damned meeting, agree which ones you won’t oppose, and then vote as a block to against confirmation for the others. Pick the most odious ones and boycott the confirmation hearings and the subsequent vote. Let the GOP confirm these people with no Democrats participating.
Right now what I see is crazy, left wing, pseudo-anarchists and other hard-core fringe groups grabbing the headlines, and not in a positive way. Where is inspiring, moderate resistance leadership? Who is going to step up.
Listen folks… a small group of motivated women that nobody ever heard of before put 3 million people in the streets marching against what is happening. Where is the political leadership needed to keep that momentum going? Maybe we should appoint Evvie Harmon, Fontaine Pearson, or Breanne Butler to run the DNC. (The organizers of the Women’s March on Washington). We need a Mother Jones right now, not some nice liberal folks who don’t know how to fight in the trenches.

This election was the GOP’s Blitz Kreig. Our nice, moderate, intelligent, fact based, inclusive Maginot Line failed completely. We are in retreat on all fronts. Our leaders can either step up and lead the resistance or look like a bunch of Vichy collaborators.

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